Icons is an incredible time saver that allows you to easily generate various sized icons while offering a brilliant set of features to further enhance your icon's appearance.

Icons is one of the first native Mac Apps for previewing and generating iOS device icons. Since then, Icons has gone through some major updates and a complete new look. Offering more features then any other Icon Preview / Generation software on the App Store. Icons is actively supported and consistently updated with feature requests and bug fixes.

Category: Developer Apps
Version: 4.0
Price: $9.99
Requirements: OS X 10.6 or later
Question: Can Icons Version x.x generate the Apple ICNS icons for use in Mac Apps as well as files and folders?

Answer: Yes, Icons can export these. Just make sure you place a checkmark in the Generate Mac Icons checkbox.

Question: I just bought Icons version 3.x and it crashes on launch, why does this happen?

Answer: You are most likely running Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). The issue here is that a vital folder that Icons needs in order to operate has not been created automatically like it should have been. This folder will need to be manually created. Fix: - While Holding down the Option key, click on Go from the Finder menu. - Click on Library - Double Click on Application Support - Look for the Icons folder - Right Click or Control Click on the Icons folder - Click on Move to Trash If the Icons folder does not exist, then we need to create it. In the Application Support folder create a new folder and name it Icons Try Launching Icons again

Question: Why does Icons lie to me and tell me that my image is not 512 x 512 pixels when I know that it is?

Answer: Most likely, your image is 512 x 512 but your DPI is much higher then 72. Icons works with images of 72 dpi which is a standard used by most image editors. I haven't found the need to work with anything higher then 72 dpi especially when working with icons. This is not a bug, this is working as designed.

If you have not yet upgraded to Icons version 4.0 then please do so, as this problem has been resolved in that version.

Question: Why does Icons create icons that are double sized on my MBP Retina?

Answer: To fix this problem you need to launch Icons in low resolution mode. To do this, right-click (Option-Click) on Icons and click on Get Info.

From there you should see a checkbox (Open in Low Resolution). Make sure that this box is checked and then open Icons.

This will be fixed in the next release of Icons.

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